Noticias 11 cidades medievais para você viajar no tempo

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11 cidades medievais para você viajar no tempo

Uma lista com 11 cidades medievais que vão levar qualquer apaixonado por história ao delírio. Olha!

Se você gosta de história e arquitetura, não pode deixar de conhecer as cidades medievais da Europa.

Destinos que nos fazem viajar no tempo são enriquecedores por si só. Quando marcados por uma arquitetura de estilo único e facilmente reconhecido, estes lugares ficam ainda mais incríveis. É o caso das cidades medievais, encontradas na Europa. Se muralhas e imponentes construções costumam te impressionar, prepare-se para se maravilhar com o post de hoje. Olha!

1. Carcassone – França


The fortifications and walls that protect Carcassonne reveal the city’s past in the south of France, more specifically in Languedoc. It was completely restored in the 19th century and has since attracted travelers interested in its history and fascinates any of them with its imposing buildings.

2. Bruges – Belgium



The Venice of the North, as the city of Bruges is also known, was an important commercial center of Belgium for centuries, mainly during the Middle Ages, when its famous canals were built and its walls were built.

3. Prague – Czech Republic



Between the 9th and 14th centuries, Prague was an important political nucleus of the kingdom of Bohemia and one of the main commercial centers of medieval Europe. It is from this period that its medieval buildings survived, where today modern establishments live in harmony, responsible for ensuring incredible itineraries for visitors.

4. York – England



Belonging to the county of Yorkshire, the city of York flourished during the Middle Ages, when it became a center for the wool trade, when it was named the capital of the northern ecclesiastical province of the Church of England, a title that remains today. Its old buildings share the scene with modern buildings creating a very diverse scenario that can be explored in different ways by travelers who pass through the region.

5. Trakai – Lithuania



During the Middle Ages, Trakai was the capital of Lithuania and today it is an important tourist destination in the country, attracting mainly those passionate about history and architecture. The city is located on a narrow peninsula between three lakes (Galvés, Luka and Totoriskiu) and has the only castle in the world built on an island.

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6. Siena – Italy



Built along one of the most beautiful regions of Italy (Tuscany), the city of Siena is entirely formed by medieval buildings. As soon as they enter the destination, visitors are transported to the Middle Ages and the feeling takes hold in any of its tourist attractions.

7. Edinburgh – Scotland


A maior herança medieval da capital escocesa é o Castelo de Edimburgo, erguido ao topo de um imenso rochedo. A majestosa construção passou por diferentes reformas e várias ampliações ao longo de sua história, mas manteve os traços medievais que podem ser vistos ainda em outras construções da cidade.

8. Dublin – Irlanda


Ireland’s history is marked by disputes between Vikings and the English, and some of its important historical chapters were set during the Middle Ages. This phase of the country is revealed thanks to some medieval buildings that resisted the time in Dublin and that today help to beautify the city even more.

9. Toledo – Spain



Toledo was one of the places that witnessed the period known as the Spanish Inquisition. Currently, the charm of its medieval buildings has nothing to do with the dark side that left the epoch marked in history. Its landscapes fascinate visitors, who leave there better understanding some details of this and other important historical chapters that gave life to the region.

10. Tallinn – Estonia



Capital of Estonia, Tallinn is practically all made up of medieval buildings. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and is its main tourist attraction, being the stage for the biggest festivities and cultural events that animate the city.

11. Dubrovnik – Croatia


As muralhas de Dubrovnik também foram tombadas como Patrimônio da Humanidade, mas seu principal trunfo foi ter servido como cenário para alguns episódios do famoso seriado Game of Thrones, o que só fez aumentar o número de viajantes interessados em conhecer suas preciosidades históricas.

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Na Europa, existem ainda muitas outras cidades medievais que poderiam ter aparecido no post de hoje. Conhece alguma que ficou fora da lista? Faça suas sugestões nos comentários!